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I want to float

In our December 2013 newsletter, as we were laying the groundwork for our float center, we asked our readers if they’d like to come over and float in the Space Burrito. We figured we had time to handle five people, and imagined we might get about that many responses, maybe double that. We gave them some things to consider about our home float tank, and said:

If all that doesn’t seem too weird and you still want to come try out our vintage float tank, then write us a little something about floating and you. What about it appeals to you? Why do you want to try it? No need to write a term paper; a paragraph or two will do. 

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First reactions

After we got our float tank up and running, we started having our friends come by and try it out. They’d helped us in numerous ways, including actually hauling the thing into our basement and maneuvering it into place. We were excited to share floating with them, and they were excited to try it out! Here are some of our friends’ thoughts after floating for the first time.

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Pump problems

Last night I’m lying comfortably on the couch, playing a game, when Sara comes upstairs from her float.  “The pump, it made a weird humming noise and then the circuit breaker blew.  I don’t know where the breakers are.”

There are in fact several, both two regular circuit breakers and two ground-fault interrupters.  Turns out it was the breaker on the power bar, so I reset it and gingerly tried the pump again.  Nothing but a weird humming noise.  I turned it right back off.

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New Year’s progress

It’s been what seems like a long time since I’ve had concrete news of progress to report, but it’s not for lack of work happening here at Float!  I thought perhaps I should catch up anyone who’s interested on the kinds of hoops we’re jumping through.

"Floating in a Dream" by Gianni Cumbo
“Floating in a Dream” by Gianni Cumbo

We have two loan applications in at the bank for the major funding we need, and we’re in a wait-and-see mode.  Ideally we want to complete what’s called an equipment lease to purchase the float tanks themselves — this is something like “rent to own”, where we would borrow the money to buy the tanks using the tanks themselves as collateral.  The obstacle is to convince the bank that the tanks are legitimately resaleable in the event Float (god forbid) can’t pay our bills;  if we can do that the interest rate and terms are excellent.  But right now we’re playing ping-pong answering sceptical questions.  Fingers crossed.

We’ve also started seriously looking at locations.  This is such an exercise in compromise: the space that’s probably our leading contender is just outside Davis Square, but it’s being advertised as office space and we’ll need to talk to the landlord about whether our plans are something they’d be willing to support.  The second contender is in East Somerville just off Broadway and looks great, but there’s a church meeting group upstairs.  Soundproofing away the sound of dancing on our ceiling could be a tall order.  And there’s a third location, a wildcard that might be fantastic, but it’s way too big for us, and we couldn’t afford it unless the landlord is willing to subdivide.  Also, it’s in North Cambridge, and that would mean restarting negotiations with a new city’s Board of Health.

We’re also talking to architects, building contractors, and city planning staff.  Pictures and news when we have something concrete to report.  Fingers crossed that it won’t be long!