Community hours

We at FLOAT have always wanted to provide opportunity for as many people as possible to float.  We also want to give back to the community by supporting:

  • First responders
  • Nurses, teachers, community and social service workers
  • Military active service, veterans and National Guard
  • Artists
  • Students
  • People with chronic conditions or illnesses (including anxiety and PTSD)
  • and anyone who finds our regular prices to be a hardship

So starting next week we are excited to make Monday morning before noon Community Hours, when all floats are $40 instead of the regular $75.

We do not require any proof of eligibility — we believe you! If you’re doing your part for the community, or if we can help you out, then please be welcome to float in these hours for our special price.

For more information, please see the full Community Hours page.

About colin

Cofounder, FLOAT. Colin has been an astronomer and a software developer. He's watched the sun set from Angkor Wat and rise over the Arctic Circle, and believes that life is much too important to take seriously.