Construction progress 4

We are so close to being finished! The place is starting to look like something real. Our contractor is down to the last little details, and we’ve turned our attention from structural things like ceilings and walls, to putting together a whole lot of IKEA cabinets and furniture… and building the tanks themselves!

The Escape Pod tanks are built; an inspector came out to look at our setup and gave our guys a few notes and changes to make. They got right to work on that, and we’re one step closer to our general inspection. We’re waiting for our electrician to wire the pumps and then we’ll plug it all in. I made a gif of the building process…


The last really major item is the floor from the reception through the hallway to the back of the building. We have vinyl hardwood-style tile in the front and back rooms, and rubberized cork in the float room hallway. These materials were picked for their easy care and footfall-muffling properties. The gray floor in the first picture is the rubberized cork. The second picture is the vinyl tile against the darker blue wall at the end of the hall (the color is a bit off; the floor is less orangey and more red/brown than my picture). We’re about 2/3 done laying the floor.

IMG_2620 (1)IMG_2609

I’m really pleased with our reception lights. Our electrician came to get me when they came out of the box, and showed them off again when he had them installed. We all stood around and ooh-aahed for a couple minutes – they’re so cool! Props to Resa Gray at Arrowstreet for finding these.

“Cloud” lights above our desk

In our crowdfunding campaign, we promised individual radiant heat for the rooms. Take a look at the interesting bit of the units! You’ll be able to keep the room just as toasty as you want it.

Control your toastiness!

We are getting there. Every day we are seeing so much progress! And all this is happening in between waves of historic snowfall… we sure picked a crazy time to try to open. The “snurricane” dumped another sixteen inches on us (we’re at EIGHT FEET of snow!) and despite the delays we’re plugging along. In the next couple days we are planning another IKEA run to pick up a few things while our electrician finishes up his part of the job, and then we’ll water test the tanks.

We hope to have our final inspection this week! 

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