Hiatus Update 2

Oh look, we won a new color! [sarcasm font]

If you missed our original hiatus decision post, you can read it here. Tl;dr: Covid numbers were uncontrolled and we wanted our staff to stay at home. Previous updates can be found under the Covid-19 tag.

Since our last update at the beginning of January, we’ve gone from Critical on CovidActNow.org to Extreme. So that’s definitely not what we wanted to see.

If you’d like to look at this graph, and others including transmission rates, positivity rates, and hospitalizations, you can see the Massachusetts page on CovidActNow.org here.

We’ve fallen off a little from the very highest peak, and hopefully that means we’re starting to head in the right direction. In the interests of regular updates, our next meeting is February 1st to discuss reopening on February 18th. You can expect another update from us in early February.

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Stay safe!


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