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Let’s Float 2018: fine print

We’re really excited about this year’s version of Let’s Float! You’re going to love it: float three times in one month and get your fourth float free – PLUS a pass for unlimited $49 floats through the rest of the summer. This challenge does work a little differently from our normal, so please read on, and ask about anything you don’t understand.

Objective of Let’s Float: to encourage float intensives, or reaping the benefits of floating several times in a relatively short amount of time. Use #LetsFloat on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook to tell us about your floaty adventures!

How to sign up: at your next visit, come in a little early and ask to enroll. We’ll have you fill out our enrollment form on the tablet and give you your stamp card.

How it works:

  • Float three times in one month and get a fourth float free – AND a pass for $49 floats through September.
  • The free fourth float is only offered once – i.e. no free 8th float.
  • You are responsible for requesting your free fourth float. You may use our stamp card to track your visits, or ask us to look at your history.
  • Let’s Float starts June 1st, and ends September 30th
  • No sharing, please.
  • New for 2018: book your $49 floats online! After we have updated your profile with the pass, choose 90-minute float and you should automatically see the new price.
  • Your free float and all Let’s Float $49 floats must be used by September 30th.
  • Expired Let’s Float $49 floats may be converted to account credit.
  • We reserve the right to cap participants to make sure our members have adequate opportunity to float.
  • We will be closed for a full week in July (TBD) for maintenance projects.

No Show Policy:

A “no show” is when you miss your scheduled appointment without letting us know in advance, whether on purpose or by mistake. We’ll send you a warning email for your first no-show. The second no-show will result in the cancellation of your $49 summer pass.


  • Throughout the summer, you may enter once every time you float. You are responsible for putting your own entry slip in the jar at the time of your float.
  • If you elect to skip the drawing, please understand that we cannot go back and add entries if you change your mind.
  • We may run contests with extra entries as an incentive, e.g. on Instagram or Twitter. In this case we’ll add your entry.
  • Winners will be drawn on Monday, October 1st and contacted shortly thereafter.

About Sara

Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.

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