Stretch goal 3: individual radiant heat

It took us a little longer to get to the second stretch goal, but we got there yesterday!  We’re going to have the comfortable post-float lounge space.  When you come out of your float, feeling all trancy and floaty, you’re going to have a nice space to kick back and drink some tea while you re-gather your wits.

Our next goal is at $28,000.  Can we get to this level?  We’ll be able afford to make our private float rooms really comfortable with individually thermostat-controlled radiant heat.  That way we can keep our rooms perfectly toasty for you, never too hot or too cold, and do it in silence.

Stretch Goal 3: $28,000 – Individual radiant heat

Tell your friends!  The more pre-orders we get in our campaign at, the more construction we can pay for and the nicer our facility will be for you.

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