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Sara’s float challenge kicks off

I mentioned getting ready for my own float challenge two newsletters ago, but just kept getting delayed. Life happens! After a particularly hairy week, I finally took my own advice and just started putting floats on the calendar. I need floating more than ever right now!

It’s been a while since I floated regularly, to be honest. Generally I try to float at least once every couple weeks, and once a week is ideal for me. But last year I had some health challenges that left me in constant pain and culminated in two major surgeries in the space of a couple months. When they poke a bunch of holes in you like that, you aren’t allowed to “immerse” for six weeks, and lucky me, the timing meant floating was out for five whole months. Cue ALL of the sad trombones.

As soon as I was allowed, I floated! It was HEAVENLY. I’d missed it so much. I floated a couple times more – and then the pressures of getting back to a healthy life and running a business kicked in, and before I knew it, it was the end of June. (Everyone knows what that’s like, right?)

So here I am! My first float in TOO LONG is tomorrow, Saturday June 30th, and I’ll float every day through July 13th. I’m planning to keep a float journal and share bits of my journey along the way.

We’re on Twitter @floatboston, and also on Instagram. I’ll be using #LetsFloat if you want to see all of those posts.

Ready… Set… LET’S FLOAT!

Let’s Float summer challenge is back!

It’s back… our summer float challenge is back and better than ever.

Why do a float intensive? Just like any exercise or self-care, the benefits from floating are cumulative and at their peak when part of a regular practice. Also, there is evidence that a period of frequent floats over a few weeks has long-lasting and possibly permanent effects. If you love the way you feel after a float, and want to be able to access that feeling better in your daily life, now is the time! Continue reading Let’s Float summer challenge is back!

Open letter to health care professionals

As a massage therapist, I often found myself answering questions from my clients about wellness and alternative health treatments. If you’re anywhere near the holistic wellness space, I’m sure you’ve been in the same position: manning the gateway to a whole realm of opportunities for people to build the best version of themselves. It’s an exciting place to be!

It’s also expensive to keep ourselves educated on every option. Continue reading Open letter to health care professionals