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Floating and yoga: an enlightening combination

“Yoga is about stilling the fluctuations of our consciousness and finding the union of the body, mind, breath and the spirit in the present moment,” says yoga teacher, and floater, Martina Phillips. For her, floating is about “the feeling of non-existence and effortlessness.” She says the two practices can work together, and that with a correct practice, that same effortlessness she feels from floating can be felt from yoga.

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Finding yourself in quiet darkness

How does anyone really know who they are? This question has been asked and answered in countless ways, in countless languages and mediums, throughout human history. Despite access to all of the wisdom that humans have gathered through millennia, we’re seemingly no closer to any kind of universal answer to finding yourself.

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Alone but not lonely

In many ways, our culture has fostered an unhealthy relationship with time spent alone. Even the words that we use to describe alone time are often steeped in some kind of negative connotation. Solitude. Seclusion. Withdrawal. Loneliness. Fortunately, many of these terms and notions are being gradually replaced (or at least supplemented) with ideas that aren’t as negative.

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East to West: what did mindfulness lose along the way?

While mindfulness techniques have had a noticeable impact on health and improving behavior generally, there are distinct differences between Eastern and Western visions of mindfulness that might help explain why, despite the increased popularity of mindfulness, health problems related to stress and anxiety are on the rise instead of decreasing. Is there something about how mindfulness is presented in Western culture that is keeping us from experiencing the full benefits of the practice?

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