Towel derby 2016

In the April newsletter, we asked you to vote on which animal support organization would get our old towels. After 251 votes, the winner of the Great Towel Race of 2016 was Boston’s Forgotten Felines! Along with our culled towels, we donated a gift certificate to one of their frequent online auctions. See their facebook page for details: bid on an aucdonatetowelstion, donate to their wish list, or sign up to sponsor a feral cat.

Our nominees were:

Answering the question “What type of pet do you currently have?” the respondents answered that:

  • 87% have cats
  • 37% have dogs
  • 7% dig fish
  • 4% like horses
  • 3% keep birds
  • 2% own reptiles

(The total is more than 100% because respondents were allowed to pick more than one.)

We also found that in addition to dogs and cats, some of you have turtles and rabbits, and one of you folks claims to own a kangaroo. Another claimed their 15 month old as the main “animal in the house.”

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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