Sensory Deprivation & The Benefits Of Float Therapy

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Interested In Trying A Float Session?

Why Should You Try A Float?

Taking time to disconnect from our busy world is incredibly relaxing. Inside a float tank, you’ll be insulated against the external world, allowing stress and anxiety to effortlessly melt away.

Over 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts dissolved into the water creates a sensation of weightlessness, almost as if you were in outer-space.

Without the need to consciously coordinate yourself, you’ll experience a decrease in back pain, as well as reduced inflammation throughout your body. Floating can even be an effective pain management solution for arthritis and fibromyalgia!

With a relaxed body and mind, you’ll unlock incredible mental focus. You can clear your mind and explore incredible meditative states or indulge in unhinged creative flow...

Trust us, it's incredible.