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Real estate travails

Hi, float fans.  A quick update on where we’re at:  we’re currently working hard on finding the right space to begin building Float.  It’s a hard problem, and possibly the single most important decision we’re going to have to make, so we’re learning to be patient.

A space we didn't get
A space we didn’t get

For amusement value, let me list all the reasons we’ve had to reject spaces we’ve looked at:

  1. Too expensive.
  2. Too small.
  3. Too far from public transportation.
  4. Part of the building was falling off.
  5. No ADA access.
  6. No HVAC system.
  7. No fire-safety sprinkler system.
  8. Water main for the building too small to run the number of showers we need.
  9. Probable DEP hazardous-waste cleanup required (it was an autobody shop).
  10. Landlord was trying to sell the building (we need to do around $100,000 worth of construction, and cannot afford to risk needing to do it again next year).
  11. Building the showers and drains we need would require trenching through concrete slab, around an in-use office data center.
  12. Landlord stopped answering our questions when we asked about making sure we would have our own electrical panel.
  13. Large empty space above our unit likely to become occupied by a sports bar.
  14. Large non-empty space above our unit already occupied by a gospel church, with nightly services.

We’re not complaining, but we are making sure we take the time to get this right.  Part of our problem is simply that January and February are crappy times to look for real estate — businesses are no more likely to plan to move in the winter than households are.

Hopefully soon I’ll have better news to report!

Floating and injury recovery

In 1994 a young Australian cyclist named Brett Dennis rode off a cliff in the US Tour DuPont road race, falling 12 feet and smashing his femur through his hip socket. Doctors gave him little chance of walking properly again. Back home in Australia two weeks later, with a steel pin through his broken pelvis, Dennis was understandably depressed and near to giving up his sporting ambitions.

But at the Australian Institute of Sport, Dennis was put onto a program of intensive physiotherapy. He also spent an hour a day playing “mind games” — closing his eyes and visualising a blue light traveling from his chest to his hip joint, washing away damaged tissue and replacing it with new cells.

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