Closing for the summer

Pretty much what it says on the tin, here. We regret to tell you that FLOAT will be closing for the summer, through Labor Day. The space requires major renovations and associated planning, and since we have landed in our slow season, it’s time to get those things done.

  • Our last day for floating will be Saturday, June 24th.
  • We have paused all memberships until October.
  • Please direct refund requests to

ETA: We sent an email announcement to our general mailing list and member list on June 8th.

Have a wonderful summer, and we’ll catch up in September.

Sara & Colin

p.s. All retail items are on sale! Shirts, hats, Conscious Ink tattoos, Honey products, everything is 50% off. Stop in and grab a goodie for yourself.

The Fine-est of Times—Float Research in the 80’s-90’s

The 1980s were an exciting time for float research. Word-of-mouth had grown stronger about this crazy new experience, and more people across the world were searching for and stepping into tanks near them. Early studies had also begun to show that floating had actual, science-backed benefits, and wasn’t just an idea born from unbacked, new-age beliefs. New technology was allowing a wide range of deeper studies to be done, looking to show evidence for the benefits of floating that people were reporting.

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Floating for a stronger immune system

Stress and anxiety are all too common in today’s fast-paced world. As a result, we’re continuously seeking ways to unwind, destress, and ultimately, support our overall well-being. Floatation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or float therapy, has been gaining in popularity over the last decade for its unique ability to provide deep relaxation and stress relief. But did you know that floating may also have potential benefits for your immune system?

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