Hiatus Update 6

If you missed our original hiatus decision post, you can read it here. Tl;dr: Covid numbers were uncontrolled and we wanted our staff to stay at home. Previous updates can be found under the Covid-19 tag.

We are looking at re-opening in the second half of April. We still don’t like this plateau, and we wish our fellow citizens would do more to slow the spread! We’re at a dangerously high number to relax our vigilance now. So why are we talking about reopening? As non-Covid facing health care support, all of us have now received our first vaccine doses and are scheduled for our second. (Massachusetts has given at least the first dose to 1.9 million people, or 28% of the population.) Floating is firmly on the lower risk end of indoor activities. Now that we’re vaccinated, we’re safer, and FLOAT is not likely to contribute to community spread. The main factor keeping us from declaring a solid re-opening date is how everyone handles their second doses. We’re a small group and it’s difficult to absorb multiple call-outs.

If you’d like to look at this graph, and others including transmission rates, positivity rates, hospitalizations, and vaccination rates, you can see the Massachusetts page on CovidActNow.org here.

This is usually where I’d let you know when our next meeting is scheduled; however, we’re turning our attention toward reopening (yay!) and my next hiatus update will feature a firm reopen date (yay!!). But let’s talk timing. By April 8th, all of us but one should have our second vaccine dose on board. If we’re doing great, reopening will be sooner; if it knocks us all on our collective behind, reopening will be later in April. At this point, you can get news as it happens by following us on social media (we’re on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), or signing up for our monthly newsletter. You can also email us at info@floatboston.com if you’d like a phone call when our calendar re-opens (we’re keeping a list). If you’re an active member, you don’t need to do anything special; we’ll give you a courtesy call as soon as we have a work schedule in place.

Stay healthy!


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