Let’s Float 2017: fine print

[This is an old version of Let’s Float. Please see the current year’s info.] The Let’s Float challenge is something new we’re trying this summer, and it is a little different from the way we usually do things. Please read on!

Objective of Let’s Float: to encourage float intensives, or reaping the benefits of floating several times in a relatively short amount of time. Use #LetsFloat on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook to tell us about your floaty adventures!

How to sign up: at your next visit, come in a little early and ask to enroll. We’ll have you fill out our enrollment form on the tablet. The pass is not available online, so you may call or email to make your appointments. Look at our calendar here.

Let’s Float Pass:

  1. Purchase price of the pass is $200 and includes a free Float Journal and email series. With this purchase, individual floats are $10 for one month. (We assume you want at least one float, so your first purchase will be $210 and include one float.) $10 floats must be used within the month of your pass. At four floats, this works out to be $60/float, and the more you float the better the deal. (If you normally use Community Floats, the Let’s Float Pass starts to be a better deal at 7 floats.)
  2. The pass and floats are NOT shareable or transferable.
  3. Members get 10% off the pass and floats! You must purchase a pass and keep your membership active. (Please note that while we allow membership sharing, the Let’s Float Pass is restricted to use by one person. If you’re sharing a membership, want a pass, and yours is not the main name on the membership, please let us know.)
  4. Make appointments in person, by calling us at 844-443-5628, or email booking@floatboston.com. You may have up to 10 appointments scheduled in advance.
  5. Float nine times before September 15th and get a 10th float free. This offer is only good for the first 9 floats. (e.g. no 2nd free float for your 18th float.) Free floats will be tallied in the week after September 15th unless you request otherwise.
  6. You’ll fill out a participant form on our tablet. Free float journal and email series are included in your enrollment.
  7. Refunds of passes: by request only and if you floated less than 4 times during your pass month. Refunds are based on our regular prices and how many floats you took during your pass month. (Special Program Float Credits are fully refundable.) Please remember that we can’t guarantee a particular number of floats or time of day. We recommend you book early and often.
  8. You may purchase a pass any time between now and September 15th. Please note, we are limiting participants to make sure there’s room in our schedule for our regular members.
  9. No show policy: a “no show” is when you miss your scheduled appointment without letting us know in advance, whether on purpose or by mistake. The first no-show will result in a warning. The second no-show will result in the pass being canceled with no refund and no repurchase, and remaining scheduled appointments canceled.
  10. Any unused Let’s Float special program credits will be converted to store credit after September 15th.

Let’s Float Enrollment Only (No pass purchase. Eligibility for all, including regular price floats, membership floats, 2014 crowdfund credits, gifts, and Community Floats)

  1. Let our staff know at your next visit that you want to enroll in Let’s Float without buying the pass. They’ll have you fill out the participant form on the tablet.
  2. Purchase is not necessary, but we encourage you to grab a Float Journal to keep track of your progress for $3.50. The email series is free.
  3. Enrolling in Let’s Float lets you work toward the free 10th float. Free floats will be tallied in the week after September 15th.
  4. You are eligible for any drawings or prizes we elect to award as part of Let’s Float 2017.

About Sara

Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.