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Current status: limited open

Get ready to float!

We’re opening our calendar in stages, starting Wednesday, February 25th. In our crowdfunding campaign last fall, we promised our backers that they could get in to the tanks first. So:

1) First shot goes to our crowdfund backers: check your email at noon on Wednesday the 25th.

2) Everyone who preordered should check their email at noon on Saturday the 28th.

Our calendar will be open to everyone on Wednesday, March 4th!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and ongoing support! It means so much to us.

Construction progress 4

We are so close to being finished! The place is starting to look like something real. Our contractor is down to the last little details, and we’ve turned our attention from structural things like ceilings and walls, to putting together a whole lot of IKEA cabinets and furniture… and building the tanks themselves!

The Escape Pod tanks are built; an inspector came out to look at our setup and gave our guys a few notes and changes to make. They got right to work on that, and we’re one step closer to our general inspection. We’re waiting for our electrician to wire the pumps and then we’ll plug it all in. I made a gif of the building process… Continue reading Construction progress 4

Current status: construction

DANGER Hard Hat AreaWe have a space in Magoun Sq, Somerville, MA.  Our building permit has finally been issued, and we are now in construction.  Keep up-to-date on our progress – join our mailing list here.

You can pre-order float time now at 10% off using the discount code PREORDER.

NOTE: crowdfunding campaign surveys were emailed to all backers on Saturday, November 15th. Please let us know if yours got lost! Write to us: info@floatboston.com.