Our center

We are the largest and oldest float tank center in Metro Boston. Our mission is to offer float therapy for wellness and stress relief.

When you arrive at FLOAT, check in at our front desk and take off your jacket and outdoor shoes. We'll provide spa slippers for you to wear inside our space. Check-in is simple. If you are early, it's a good idea to use the toilet to avoid distractions later.

Reception at FLOAT

When your appointment time arrives, we'll take you to your private room, just for you. You'll shower off and then step directly into your float tank. We give you a few extra minutes at the beginning and end of your float to shower, on top of your float time, and we provide towels and products.

Summer Sky float tank

While you're floating you will have time to drift peacefully and let the tank do its thing. The relaxation effect is automatic and starts with your body, so you don't have to do anything. It does take 30–45 minutes to kick in, so enjoy the sensations of buoyancy in the meantime.

At the end of your float, we play gentle music to signal your time is up. Step into the shower again to rinse off all the salt from the tank. You don't actually even need to use soap this time, because you haven't done anything to get dirty since your last shower. It's good float etiquette to keep this shower short to let us get the room ready for the next client after you.

Relaxation space at FLOAT

When you're done, you may still be feeling trancy or floaty. You are welcome to sit in our relaxation space and have a cup of tea while you re-compress. We have sketch journal to draw in if you like, or mandalas to color.

Tea station at FLOAT