515 Medford St (Magoun Square)
Somerville, MA 02145
Directions via Google Maps. We are served by buses from Davis Sq, Lechmere, Sullivan Sq, and Medford Center.
Parking is available at 2-hour meters on Medford St, 3-hour meters behind CVS at Broadway and Medford, or is free at Trum Field. Parking map.

HOURS: Floats starting from 7am–9:15pm every day, except Wednesday 1pm–9:15pm. Appointments are advised, and begin on the odd hours. Book your float now.

PRICING: $75 for 90 min. Our no-strings membership starts at $58/mo. Package discounts and gift certificates also available. Order now.

CONTACT: info@floatboston.com, or call 844-44-FLOAT.

We are the only float tank center in Metro Boston, with four tanks. Our mission is to offer float therapy for wellness and stress relief. Let it go.

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About Floating

letting go (lack of effort)
Don’t “try” to do anything in the tank, don't push something to happen, don't expect something to happen: it happens on its own. Let it go.

Programs and Events

Community Hours

Monday mornings

We want to do something to help out people in the community who need a float but maybe can't afford our regular prices. We're all in this together. Monday mornings before noon are Community Hours.

Float Associates


Want to see a float tank under the hood? Or help us facilitate floats for other eager float fans? Come in and help us clean, run the tanks, and meet people in exchange for free float time. Contact associates@floatboston.com for more information.

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