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We’ve run tens of thousands of floats since we opened, and in that time we’ve learned a few things. Three times is the charm. Cumulative benefits are real. Epsom salt gets everywhere.

Today we’re most interested in that first point: three times is the charm. It’s an old saying, but in the float context it’s a truism for something we see over and over. The first float is all about the novelty; the second float is about breaking any expectations you brought to floating; and by the end of your third float you have a solid idea of what floating can do for you. And, crucially, maybe you’ve had an awkward float in there where you got salt in your eye or just couldn’t settle down. It would be a shame if that were your first and only experience!

We want to make it extra easy for you to get there.

To that end, we run a special membership bonus that will give your float practice the best possible start: become a member and get two free floats to use within three weeks. Start your membership off with a mini intensive and kickstart your float practice.


How does a FLOAT membership work? Are there any contracts or gotchas? A membership involves a monthly credit card charge for one float credits per month at $64, with unlimited extra floats for $58. There’s no contract, and the float credits roll over. We ask for a three-month commitment, and then you can cancel anytime.

When can I use the free floats – are there any restrictions? They may not be used on the day you start your new membership. Outside of that, you can use your bonus floats anytime within your three-week window.

Can I share the extra floats? Normally we’re very free about sharing, but in this case we’re going to say no. These extra floats are intended to be a mini float intensive to be experienced by one person.

How often should I float? The answer will vary from person to person, of course. Here’s one way to find out what works for you: float once per week for at least a month, then float every other week for a couple months, then every three weeks, then every month. Somewhere in there your body will tell you its preferred interval. Our membership is flexible in order to let you explore!

How does it work if I start a membership online? We check regularly for new memberships, and we’ll add your bonus manually. You can schedule your two bonus floats as soon as you see the $0 receipt from us. Start your membership now!

About Sara

Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.