Who are we?

We are the largest and oldest float tank center in Metro Boston. We opened in February 2015 in Magoun Square, Somerville, MA. Our mission is to offer float therapy for wellness and stress relief. Let it go.


Sara Garvin

She’s a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, and has over fifteen years of professional experience in the massage and spa industry. From 2010–17, she was the sole owner of her successful practice, Somerville Therapeutic Massage. She is deeply motivated by the health and well-being of all of her clientele.

Colin Roald

He used to be an astronomer, and has a small tattoo of the Sun on his arm to prove it. He also used to be a technical project manager, and quit that to take a run at founding his own business. When that didn't work, he did it again. It's working better this time. He throws a lot of himself into his work: he believes in choosing what he does and owning what he makes.


Amanda C.

If you need someone to ramble about weird historical facts, Amanda's your go to. When not at Float, she can be found teaching herself ukulele or making kitchen experiment disasters/triumphs.

Angela W.

Angela is a graduate student at Lesley University studying holistic mental health counseling and is a certified yoga instructor. She is a docudork who loves to travel and is always down for an adventure!

Donal O.

Prior to working at Float, Donal studied the sociopolitical impact of electric trains in America during the 1920's. He spent 2001-2008 working in the luxury pool noodle trade in Zurich, and has earned praise for his work buying and selling etch-a-sketches on Wall Street. In his spare time he enjoys raising otters and collecting vintage chocolates.

Matthew W.

Outside of Float Matthew splits his time between touring with his band Pandemix (pandemixpunx.bandcamp.com) and running Telescreen Printing (instagram.com/telescreenprinting/) a small screen printing company based in Allston.

Shayna C.

When Shay is not fielding questions at the desk or wiping salt off of the tanks, she spends time meditating, doing yoga, sewing, and working on various performing and video arts projects. Shay uses floating as a tool to explore lucid dreaming, manage anxiety, and enhance sports performance in the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers.

Our Press

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