Get relief from anxiety and insomnia

“I emerged in a profound daze. I spoke slowly and quietly, like a smooth-jazz DJ, to the person at the spa desk who inquired how my session had gone. I felt more rested than if I’d slept for 16 hours on a pile of tranquilized chinchillas.”

It may be the most relaxing hour of your life.

The tank removes all external stimulation to your body, insulating you from the chaos of the world so your body exits “fight-or-flight.”

Epsom salts in the water help ease tension in your muscles, completely relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

After an hour long session, you’ll emerge feeling loose and stress-free. You can return to the world at your full potential.


Over 40 million Americans experience some form of clinical anxiety. It's the most common psychiatric condition.

“People who have anxiety talk a lot about pressure, this pressure of life that they feel on top of them. Getting into a tank is an immediate relief of this pressure.”

We live in a world of constant connectivity and continual input. And we need downtime.

Without quiet times to let your body fully unwind, we can get stuck in the racing thoughts of fight or flight. Anxiety begins to feed on itself, driving compulsive behaviors to solve problems that aren't actually present.

Nothing gives your brain and body a more complete rest than a float tank.

“I remained happy, and carried with me the positive feeling into the next two days. It was almost a ‘celebratory’ feeling. One that has not been produced by any other medications, therapies, or methods of dealing with the individual diagnoses I live with. I didn’t feel the need for the anti-anxiety medications for nearly two days. Which, in my current state, almost never happens.”

You don't have to do anything. It automatically triggers your physiological relaxation response, the opposite of fight-or-flight.

Studies show lasting benefits of flotation therapy for generalized anxiety, phobias, and depression.


One of the most common causes of insomnia is simple stress. Loss of sleep not only makes it harder to deal with the outside stress in your life, but it is itself stressful.

It’s a vicious circle.

There are well-known remedies, but most have equally well-known drawbacks. Most drugs are actively habit-forming, or at least have diminishing returns if you rely on them. Meditation can be very powerful, but requires disciplined practice and focus to achieve, practice that becomes harder to do when stressed out and short on sleep.

“My chillax buzz (and amazing sleep) lasts nearly a week. Tight deadlines at work don’t feel paralyzing; I don’t huff over subway delays on my commute.”

Simply taking 90 min to stop and float, though, can help you break the vicious cycle. It triggers your relaxation response physiologically, so there’s no need for you to summon concentration when your brain is out of resources.

With no side effects and no chance of addiction.

And astonishingly, it actually shows increased effect with repetition.