Photo credits

We really want to thank all these fabulous artists for making their work available on Creative Commons terms.

“you float/you glow”
© bokeh burger, CC-BY-ND
“floating flowers”
© jenny downing, CC-BY
“Milky Way”
© Abdul Rahman, CC-BY
“Chopsy - Peaceful Warrior”
© Galilla S, CC-BY-SA
“Hiroshima Day at Töölönlahti, Helsinki”
© /kallu, CC-BY-SA
“Relaxing in Maldives”
© Nattu, CC-BY
© skedonk, CC-BY-SA
“We are made of stars”
© Gianni Cumbo
“Single egg-shaped water droplet”
© Luke Petersen, CC-BY
“Colored Droplets”
© maf04, CC-BY-SA
“Another one of Ana”
© Liz Poage, CC-BY
“Galaxy Girl”
© <<saigerowe>>, CC-BY-ND
“Sky and the Blues”
© Patrick Emerson, CC-BY-ND
© Eddi van W, CC-BY-ND
© Mike Pedroncelli, CC-BY-SA
“Oneonta Falls”
© Brooke Hoyer, CC-BY
“The bronzed one?”
© Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC-BY
“Carpet of Blue”
© Philip Male, CC-BY
“Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300”
© NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC-BY