With the recent announcement that Somerville would be joining Massachusetts on May 29th in lifting Covid restrictions, we’ve been talking about how we should proceed. After discussion with the staff, we’re going to continue requiring masks in the common areas of our building until we get a “green light” on CovidActNow.

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What’s theta state?

What’s happening to your brain when you float? How do you go from being awake, conscious, and stressed to relaxed and dreamy? While we still have a lot to discover when it comes to different states of consciousness, one key element is the “Theta State,” when our brain waves operate at a certain frequency most often linked to the moments between sleep and wakefulness. To really understand what the Theta State is and how it benefits us, we have to first explore a little bit about brain waves more broadly.

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Job listing: Float assistant

This position has been filled! Thank you for your interest.

We are now instead looking for two full or part time Float Operators.

We need a part-time Float Assistant to begin immediately.  If you want to join our friendly team, please check out the details and send us your resume and cover letter.  Don’t worry if you haven’t floated before – we’ll teach you that part!

East to West: what did mindfulness lose along the way?

While mindfulness techniques have had a noticeable impact on health and improving behavior generally, there are distinct differences between Eastern and Western visions of mindfulness that might help explain why, despite the increased popularity of mindfulness, health problems related to stress and anxiety are on the rise instead of decreasing. Is there something about how mindfulness is presented in Western culture that is keeping us from experiencing the full benefits of the practice?

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