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Path to Reopening Update #2

Three down, four to go!

Our UV sanitation lights are finally here. Exciting! I’m currently charging them all up for testing. We also built a prototype of the little boat they’ll ride around in during the filter cycle and tested that. All of the tanks themselves are actively ventilated, and the rooms each vent directly outside, which mitigates one of the big worries with indoor spaces and coronavirus. The UV lights are meant to kill anything left behind in the tank.

Portable UV lights!

Meanwhile, here’s a progress picture of the shower in Escape 1. The red is waterproofing material. When it’s finished, it’ll be covered up by white paneling. It’s so strange to see a red wall at Float! I believe the only bright red in the entire space are the waterproof light switches. It’s almost like a color-negative of the space. (Yes, some of us are old enough to have worked with actual film cameras!)

The shower in Escape 1 under repair

I’m checking off the third item: UV Sanitation Lights Have Arrived. Looking down the list, the repairs should be finished shortly, and then we can practice with the staff. Members, we might tap some of you to come in next week to help us practice. Think of it as an extra soft, marshmallow soft opening. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

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Path to Reopening Update

Time for a status check. This is the kind of thing where you, our loyal hydronauts, will wait and wait and then a lot of things will happen all at once. We really appreciate your patience!

As a reminder, here’s the general checklist we’re following. (It’s the one we’re sharing, anyway. The actual checklists are LONG and INVOLVED and nobody wants to see that if they don’t have to.)

  • Sanitation supplies (toilet paper, disinfectant, gloves, etc) are easy to source. [Looking good!]
  • New equipment has arrived, including safety equipment for staff.
  • UV sanitation lights have arrived and are in working order.
  • Repairs are finished.
  • Staff-only soft opening to practice new procedures.
  • Soft opening for members.
  • Opening to the general public.

At our last update, I felt like we had a good handle on sourcing sanitation supplies, we had ordered a lot of new equipment, and were working on new procedures. Today, the last of my new equipment orders arrived (filter inserts for staff masks)! I’m crossing off the “new equipment has arrived” item. Hooray! As for the rest? The UV lights, a crucial part of our safety plan, are still in transit. Repairs are in progress, and with luck will be done by the end of the week. Once those two are accomplished, we can move on to the staff practice item.

Two items down, five to go!

Quick heads-up: you’ll notice some new procedures when we reopen. For instance:

  • For our staff’s safety, we’ll be going touchless as much as possible for transactions: all appointments must be prepaid online or over the phone.
  • We’ll be staggering start times to minimize cross-traffic. FLOAT’s front door will be locked until we’re ready for you.
  • Masks will be required in the common areas. No masks while you’re floating, though; it’s hard to breathe through wet fabric. If you misplace your mask, we’ll provide a disposable one to you.

Unfortunately, while the pandemic is still active we’ll have to limit some of the little touches we like to provide that make your visit extra enjoyable: the relax area will be closed, for example, and we won’t have tea available or post-float shared toiletries. This is to limit cross-contamination opportunities. We’ll still have drinking water, and while we’ll have disposable cups available, I’d encourage you to bring your own bottle from home. We’ll look forward to getting back to our normal high standards of hospitality, but in the meantime, I’m sure you can understand that safety has to be prioritized. We’re looking forward to reopening, and we want to STAY open! 🙂

Thanks again for your patience as we adjust to the regulations, and move through new issues and considerations.

Our path to reopening

We are excited to start floating again (we need it at least as much as you do), and we want to make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to keep you and our staff safe. We still believe that floating is on the lesser end of the risk spectrum, but we’re taking all available improvement advice from experts and our professional association, the Floatation Tank Association.

Sanitation has always been vitally important to us, but in this pandemic we are going to enhance our normal procedures. Part of that enhancement is the addition of UV-C sanitation lights to the rooms, and portable UV-C sanitation for the insides of the tanks. UV-C has been a standard of clean room technology for years, and I hope this addition will increase your peace of mind. Shipping is still kind of dicey these days, so I don’t have a firm date on their arrival. We’ll also have some changes to the way we do things, but I’ll go into that in a future post.

We will open when we have everything in place to assure maximum safety for you and our staff. Here’s the general checklist we’re using:

  1. Sanitation supplies (toilet paper, disinfectant, gloves, etc) are easy to source.
  2. New equipment has arrived, including safety equipment for staff.
  3. UV sanitation lights have arrived and are in working order.
  4. Repairs are finished.
  5. Staff-only soft opening to practice new procedures.
  6. Soft opening for members.
  7. Opening to the general public.

We’re looking pretty good on #1. Toilet paper and gloves can still be elusive, but disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and disposable masks are generally available again. I’m confident we have adequate supply on hand. We’re also in good shape on #2: I have a big pile of new Stuff, with more on the way. The rest are in progress, and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience as we adapt to this new normal!

Stay salty,


We’ll update this as we go.