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The Benefits of Doing Nothing

The concept of taking time away from obligations to relax and recoup is so foreign in our society that the idea is often met with confused looks; people live in a constant state of motion, often bouncing from task to task with no time to stop, breathe, and enjoy the moment. In society’s eyes, relaxing and doing nothing means wasting time… and wasting time means losing out on both money and opportunities. 

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Floating and yoga: an enlightening combination

“Yoga is about stilling the fluctuations of our consciousness and finding the union of the body, mind, breath and the spirit in the present moment,” says yoga teacher, and floater, Martina Phillips. For her, floating is about “the feeling of non-existence and effortlessness.” She says the two practices can work together, and that with a correct practice, that same effortlessness she feels from floating can be felt from yoga.

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Floating up from the depths

As a vehicle for both relaxation and recovery, float tanks are fairly unparalleled. There are lots of studies and anecdotes about the benefits that even a single hourlong float can offer. The most profound (and often inspiring) results, however, actually come from floating more regularly.

We hear this everyday in our conversations with our members and regulars. So, for this month’s blog, we wanted to highlight some of the personal stories from long term floaters that have been shared publicly. While these are just a small sample of the incredible stories we’ve heard, they help to illustrate the wide variety of benefits flotation has to offer. Stories like these are why we opened FLOAT, and why we’re so proud of the work that we do.

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