Community hours

We at FLOAT want to provide opportunity for as many people as possible to float, and we want to give back to the community by supporting:

  • First responders
  • Nurses, teachers, community and social service workers
  • Military active service, veterans and National Guard
  • Artists
  • Students
  • People with chronic conditions or illnesses (including anxiety, addiction and PTSD)
  • and anyone who finds our regular prices to be a hardship

So Monday morning before noon is now Community Hours, when all floats are $43 instead of the regular $85. During the summer (July 4 to Sept 30), we add Wednesday mornings.

We do not require any proof of eligibility — we believe you! If you’re doing your part for the community, or if we can help you out, then please be welcome to float in these hours for our special price.

Community Floats generally cannot be reserved more than two weeks ahead.

You don’t have any Community Float reservations available.  How can I book one?

We usually release most Community Hours for booking about two weeks ahead of time, to make sure that people whose schedule does not allow them to make commitments too far ahead have a chance to book them also.  (Note that our online schedule does not show a difference between times we haven’t released yet and times that someone has actually booked.)

If you would like to be notified when the Community Hours for a particular week become available, just let us know at  We can alert you by text message or email. You can also add yourself to the waitlist on online booking for a particular day.

Do I need some kind of ID?

We do not require any proof of eligibility.  The world is too suspicious as it is.  If you’re doing your part for the community, or if we can help you out, then please be welcome to float in these hours for our special price.

How long are Community Floats?

Community Floats are all standard reservations. If that is too long for you, we’re happy to set your alarm for a shorter float, whenever you like. Just let us know.

If you haven’t floated before, please watch our video orientation. If you don’t watch ahead of time, you’ll have to watch it when you arrive, and that will cut into your float time.

What if I have a credit for a regular-price float – can I use it during Community Hours?

Sure thing.  There are a few options for you: you can just use your float credit during Community Hours, and know that by paying a little more you’re helping us support the community.  Or you can save your credit to use another time and buy a new Community Float credit to use during Community Hours.  Or if it’s equally convenient to you, you could schedule your float during any other time of the week, to leave the Community Hours time open for someone who might need it more.

Do I have to share a tank?

No, you still get a private room like usual.  (Community floats are for the community, not with the community.)