Construction progress 1

An update on our construction progress, with pictures.  Our contractor (Artisan Building Group) has made a lot of progress in two weeks.

Our contractors got right on demolishing the old partitions. Those were hair washing stations, an office and the bathroom wall.

Brick and stone
Our old Somerville building has brick walls and a fieldstone foundation
Framing the float rooms
Our float rooms are framed in. We’ll have four private rooms each with their own float tank and shower.
Soundproofing (staggered studs)
One method of soundproofing: staggered studs. By separating the two surfaces of the wall we minimize sound transmission between them.
Soundproofing (double ceiling)
Another method of soundproofing: here’s a slice through our double ceiling. We have two layers of sheet rock separated by an air gap. Sound is attenuated each time it has to change medium, from gypsum to air to gypsum back to air.

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