Floating into your best summer

2020 is unique in being the only year in living memory that has consisted of an entire decade. Needless to say, we’ve all got a lot riding on the next few months. Floating is one of the best ways to enhance just about any experience, so it’s a natural fit for any big summer outings you may have planned.

Float to Cool Down after Getting Worked Up

Whether it’s from joining a local rugby team, going to a dance party, or just bicycling your local commute, going for a float after getting your heartrate up is a great way to bring you back to baseline.

Floating is also a great way to let your body rest after pushing your limits. Many athletes who incorporate floating into their training program have been able to recover faster and perform better than without it.

A figure in the distance swan-diving into a vast blue sea

Appreciate the Little Things

That post-float vibe you get when hopping out of the tank is one of the best times to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. After being in a sensory reduced environment (like a float tank), your senses become heightened. What better time, then, to literally stop and smell the roses than immediately after a float? And it’s not just roses (and not just smelling): food tastes better, music sounds better, and sunshine feels cozier when getting out of a float.

All this to say, after a float, hit up your favorite restaurant or pop on your favorite album and you just might find new things to appreciate about them.

Book an Afternoon Float just in time to Catch the Sunset Afterwards

This just sounds like an obviously good idea… doesn’t it? It’s pretty common for floaters to adjust their schedules for the rest of the day after their floats, given how much it can affect behavior. Sunset is easily one of the most magical times of the day and taking the time to appreciate it is always a good idea – possibly during a hike, at the beach, or on a rooftop garden if there are good spots nearby.

Find a float center when you go on vacation

As your local float center we hope that you think of us as, if not a second home, at least a second living room. It can feel like a trade-off going on vacation because we’re going to miss out on the comforts of our familiar float tanks.

However, just because you’re out of town doesn’t mean you have to give up your weekly float. There are established float centers in nearly every major city across the world. Also, it can be fun to see how other float centers might operate. If you find any cool ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know!

And while it may feel strange to float in a new center, don’t feel guilty! Just make sure you book an extra float when you get back!  Floating is also a great way to reset your circadian rhythms, which can do wonders for jetlag when traveling.

Late night floats are a great way to wind down

Like we said at the beginning, lots of people are going to make sure that these next few months will be big ones! One thing to look out for is to not overextend yourself when celebrating and carousing. Whether it’s running marathons, beach trips, bungee jumping, going to dance parties/wine tastings/bonfires – going for a float to decompress and relax is a great way to prevent exhaustion and burnout afterwards.

These are just a few ideas for how floating enhances all the enjoyable things about summer, and this list barely scratches the surface. Hopefully this gives you inspiration for other ways to make floating part of your vacation, staycation, or regular sunny schedule.

After a year of FOMO, let’s get the most out of this year and make 2021 the Summer of the Float!

About Juliet

Juliet Mylan is an occasional guest contributor to Float Boston's blog. She works for Float Tank Solutions in Portland, Oregon, which has provided training and consulting to the float industry since 2012.