Path to Reopening Update 4

We are almost there. We fixed the too-excitingly broken filter housing in Room 4! Our little UV boats, after testing and modification, don’t capsize in the whirling whitewater that is a float tank cleaning cycle! We’ve been figuring out how the new cleaning and sanitizing procedures work in the time constraints between float appointments!

I’m checking off the Repairs item AND the Member Soft Open item. That leaves one last entry in our Path to Reopening, and it’s the big one: Reopening Day!

We are officially reopening on Tuesday, September 1st.

  • You may call or email right now to make an appointment! 844-443-5628 or booking [at]
  • If you’re a member, or you’ve floated recently with us at least three times, you can float right away. Call us!
  • If you’re new to floating, or new to us, you may call today to make an appointment on or after September 1st.
  • Self-scheduling, aka online open calendar, will open on Monday, August 31st in the afternoon.

Why are we asking new folks to wait until September 1st? For safety, we’re minimizing close conversations and going to video orientation. We’re working on the video right now, and it’ll be ready by September 1st. Before Covid, our orientation was conducted by a staff member standing in the (very small, no room for social distance) room with you. Now we’d like you to view the video ahead of time, and ask us any questions you may have before your float. There’s a reminder sheet with the important bits on every float room door.

Reminder: read our Covid safety plan so you know what to expect when you visit.

FLOAT’s hours:

  • Now through August 31st: first float at 1pm, last float at 7pm.
  • Beginning September 1st: first float at 9am every day except Tuesdays, when the first float starts at 1pm. Last float at 9pm. (The 1st is a Tuesday.)
  • Appointments will be staggered in 5 minute increments.
  • Standard float length is 75 minutes, to avoid crowding and allow for thorough sanitation between users.

While you wait impatiently to sink into your next extra-blissful float, check out our countdown to Reopening Day on Instagram, featuring gorgeous Art of the Float photography! We can’t wait to welcome you back.

About Sara

Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.