Biofreeze and Sombra Products

Would you like to try floating? Book your float now and use discount code BIO2017 for $10 off a 90-minute float or Beginner’s Package.


We partnered with Biofreeze and Sombra to provide samples of their pain-relieving products. You may have picked up a sample at a 5k, or received one in the mail with our Beginner’s Guide to Floating.

If you’re interested in Biofreeze and Sombra, you have pain that needs some degree of management. Flotation has an excellent track record with chronic pain management and athletic injury recovery.

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Purchasing Biofreeze and Sombra

We sell Biofreeze Colorless Gel, Sombra Cool Therapy, and Sombra Warming Gel, all in 4-ounce containers for $10 each. You can arrange to pick them up in Somerville for free, or pay $5.15 to ship a quantity of your choice via Priority Mail.

You may walk in to purchase Biofreeze or Sombra at our Somerville location: 515 Medford Street, Somerville MA 02145. Hours are here.

Biofreeze Colorless Gel, 4 oz, $10 

Sombra Cool Therapy, 4 oz, $10 

Sombra Warming Gel, 4 oz, $10 


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