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Still Here

TLDR: We’re still here, but we can’t give you a timeline for reopening quite yet. We’re open to selling FLOAT: serious inquiries only.

First, a little housekeeping. It’s come to my attention that some of you have been getting “your credits are expiring” emails. I apologize: I thought I had turned off all of our automatic emails so you wouldn’t be bothered over the hiatus. No floats will expire during hiatus. I’ll be fixing expired credits, but give me a few days to get that handled.

Second: our inbox. You can expect a response to any emails you’ve sent within the next couple weeks. We appreciate your patience while we continue to heal, and as we work to resolve any issues you brought to us. Heal? Yeah, about that. One thing that became immediately and painfully apparent once we closed is that Colin and I were severely burnt out. Brain damage levels of burnout. Healing burnout requires stepping away 100%, and we weren’t exactly able to do that in a thorough way. I want to be totally open about this, since when people don’t share their challenges it can be easy to assume that everyone around you has it all together, and social media just exacerbates this. The truth is that everyone struggles (even when you float every week). In my opinion it can help to see that others don’t have a perfect shiny 100% together life. So I want to reiterate that it’s only real human beings behind the scenes here, and also to give you some context for why we went silent for a while. 

Third: reopening. Just to be totally transparent, there are a few moving parts that need to be resolved before FLOAT reopens. 

  1. Our lease needs renegotiating. (We signed it ten years ago this fall!)
  2. Repairs need to be done.
  3. A clean handoff. 

Here’s what I mean by point 3: Colin and I have decided we’d like to sell FLOAT. We’re so proud of what we’ve built, and we really want it to continue. Floating has been our life for the last decade, and at this point we both would like the opportunity to pursue other projects. We’ve been discussing a timeline on this for a while, actually, but have realized that a hiatus is actually an ideal time for new management to take over.

We are working toward getting everything tidied up for a clean handover, and would welcome talks with folks who’d love this opportunity.

We figure that the best float center owners are people who float themselves and recognize the value it brings to peoples’ lives. We would love to pass FLOAT to someone with the energy and enthusiasm to carry on our high standards, while building great new ideas of their own. Serious inquiries only, please. Contact us at: sell@floatboston.com

That’s all for now.

Much salty love, 

Sara & Colin

Closing for the summer

Pretty much what it says on the tin, here. We regret to tell you that FLOAT will be closing for the summer, through Labor Day. The space requires major renovations and associated planning, and since we have landed in our slow season, it’s time to get those things done.

  • Our last day for floating will be Saturday, June 24th.
  • We have paused all memberships until October.
  • Please direct refund requests to info@floatboston.com.

ETA: We sent an email announcement to our general mailing list and member list on June 8th.

Have a wonderful summer, and we’ll catch up in September.

Sara & Colin

p.s. All retail items are on sale! Shirts, hats, Conscious Ink tattoos, Honey products, everything is 50% off. Stop in and grab a goodie for yourself.

Current status: limited open (pt 4)

Our calendar is now fully open and we have two tanks running. We’ll expand to four tanks as soon as we can get funding. In the meantime, you can make an appointment at floatboston.com/book. Our calendar has been consistently full about three to four weeks out, but you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get news of open spots.


Appointment times:

Monday: first appointment at 1pm, last at 9pm.

Tuesday: first appointment at 9am, last at 9pm.

Wednesday: first appointment at 1pm, last at 9pm.

Thursday-Sunday: first appointment at 7am, last at 9pm.

(all appointment times are on odd hours.)

Current status: limited open (pt 3)

It’s been two weeks since we officially opened our doors. We are open every day of the week, training our staff, and getting people floating!  We expanded our hours and currently our appointment times are:

Monday – Wednesday: 3pm, 5pm, 7pm
Thursday – Sunday: 7am through 9pm on the odd hours. Last appointment starts at 9pm.

As of this writing, we are booked through March 25th. In the meantime, you may book your future float through our online calendar (hover over the date to see the popup calendar for a specific date) or ask to be added to our automated wait list.