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Current status: limited open

Get ready to float!

We’re opening our calendar in stages, starting Wednesday, February 25th. In our crowdfunding campaign last fall, we promised our backers that they could get in to the tanks first. So:

1) First shot goes to our crowdfund backers: check your email at noon on Wednesday the 25th.

2) Everyone who preordered should check their email at noon on Saturday the 28th.

Our calendar will be open to everyone on Wednesday, March 4th!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and ongoing support! It means so much to us.

Current status: Pre-construction

We have found a space!  We’ve signed a lease in Magoun Sq, Somerville, MA.   Our architect is putting the finishing touches on our design, and we’ll start gutting the space soon.

We’ll be starting our crowdfunding campaign shortly; by supporting us you’ll be able to get FLOAT swag, lock in some great prices, and get in for floats before we open to the general public! Join our mailing list here.

Real estate travails

Hi, float fans.  A quick update on where we’re at:  we’re currently working hard on finding the right space to begin building Float.  It’s a hard problem, and possibly the single most important decision we’re going to have to make, so we’re learning to be patient.

A space we didn't get
A space we didn’t get

For amusement value, let me list all the reasons we’ve had to reject spaces we’ve looked at:

  1. Too expensive.
  2. Too small.
  3. Too far from public transportation.
  4. Part of the building was falling off.
  5. No ADA access.
  6. No HVAC system.
  7. No fire-safety sprinkler system.
  8. Water main for the building too small to run the number of showers we need.
  9. Probable DEP hazardous-waste cleanup required (it was an autobody shop).
  10. Landlord was trying to sell the building (we need to do around $100,000 worth of construction, and cannot afford to risk needing to do it again next year).
  11. Building the showers and drains we need would require trenching through concrete slab, around an in-use office data center.
  12. Landlord stopped answering our questions when we asked about making sure we would have our own electrical panel.
  13. Large empty space above our unit likely to become occupied by a sports bar.
  14. Large non-empty space above our unit already occupied by a gospel church, with nightly services.

We’re not complaining, but we are making sure we take the time to get this right.  Part of our problem is simply that January and February are crappy times to look for real estate — businesses are no more likely to plan to move in the winter than households are.

Hopefully soon I’ll have better news to report!