Open letter to health care professionals

As a massage therapist, I often found myself answering questions from my clients about wellness and alternative health treatments. If you’re anywhere near the holistic wellness space, I’m sure you’ve been in the same position: manning the gateway to a whole realm of opportunities for people to build the best version of themselves. It’s an exciting place to be!

It’s also expensive to keep ourselves educated on every option. Which brings me to my point: I want to offer you a chance to float with us for FREE. You’ll need to complete your float within one month, but otherwise there are no strings. Fill out this quick form, we’ll get back to you with your personal voucher code, and then make your appointment at

If you already like floating, let me know! We’re developing some referral programs, and I’d love for you to be first in line. If you aren’t so keen? Well, please keep in mind that most people need three floats to really dial in to what it can do for them. Either way, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Beginner’s Guide to Floating is a great rundown of the basics of floating: how you float, what happens, and why people love it. If you’d like a personal discount for your clients, and a brochure box, you can let me know on the form.

Don’t forget to make your float appointment! We hope to see you soon.


Sara Garvin

Co-founder, FLOAT Boston

About Sara

Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.