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Construction progress 4

We are so close to being finished! The place is starting to look like something real. Our contractor is down to the last little details, and we’ve turned our attention from structural things like ceilings and walls, to putting together a whole lot of IKEA cabinets and furniture… and building the tanks themselves!

The Escape Pod tanks are built; an inspector came out to look at our setup and gave our guys a few notes and changes to make. They got right to work on that, and we’re one step closer to our general inspection. We’re waiting for our electrician to wire the pumps and then we’ll plug it all in. I made a gif of the building process… Continue reading Construction progress 4

History of our Space Burrito

We’ve written a bit about the float tank in our basement, affectionately called The Space Burrito. It had been hanging out in some guy’s back yard for a couple months when we found it, and we didn’t know anything about it. (We’ll be getting shiny new tanks for the center, if you’re wondering.) Through the magic of the internet, and the generosity of the float community, we pieced together some of its history. The tank was manufactured by a company called Float To Relax, which was active in the 80’s. Our tank was probably  twenty-five or thirty years old… and still in pretty good shape, actually. These things last forever.

Today I got to learn a little more about our tank’s history, when I received this note:

Continue reading History of our Space Burrito