History of our Space Burrito

We’ve written a bit about the float tank in our basement, affectionately called The Space Burrito. It had been hanging out in some guy’s back yard for a couple months when we found it, and we didn’t know anything about it. (We’ll be getting shiny new tanks for the center, if you’re wondering.) Through the magic of the internet, and the generosity of the float community, we pieced together some of its history. The tank was manufactured by a company called Float To Relax, which was active in the 80’s. Our tank was probably  twenty-five or thirty years old… and still in pretty good shape, actually. These things last forever.

Today I got to learn a little more about our tank’s history, when I received this note:

Nice job on that dinosaur! That is definitely a blast from the past! I used to work and float at Float-To-Relax on Pearl St in Denver in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Before they were Float-To-Relax they were Denver Tank Works (selling a different tank made of wood with PVC liners). Denver Tank Works was an offshoot/affiliate of one of the first commercial tank shops in the world called Colorado Tank Work in Boulder. Colorado Tank Works opened in 1977 and Denver Tank Works opened in 1978. The became Float To Relax in 79 or 80 after Denver Tank Works broke from Colorado Tank Works to begin selling the model of tank that you have. They started with the owner of Denver Tank Works making a grand promotional tour around the country in an RV equipped with a tank.

I have very fond memories of all my time bobbing around in tanks! I’ve attached an ad for FTR that pictures your ‘burrito’ from a magazine circa 1984.

Float to Relax Advertisement, 1984

You can click for a larger view. The text says:

Float to Relaxit’ll change your mind
Float to Relax offers you the healthiest, simplest and most natural way to relax. Personal accounts of the experience have been described by many as: vivid memories, deep restfulness, and long sleep; and many claim positive personal improvements, a feeling of general well being, increased self esteem and ability to cope with problems that affect their lifestyle.

I had to laugh to myself about the pretty pink horizon line in the ad… because, as we found out, if you don’t seal it up just right… if you use, say, clear silicone caulk… once your eyes adjust to the darkness you will get a nice horizon line just like that! Heh. These things happen, sometimes. Covering the tank with insulation helped, as does turning down the lights.

But look! There in the bottom right corner is a Space Burrito cousin, looking swanky in shiny red.


Nice! Thank you so much, incognito reader, for sending this in.

UPDATE: The founder of Float to Relax shares some memories!

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