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Construction progress 3

The shop is taking shape!  Our walls are up, the ceiling is going in, and the showers are getting fitted out.  We spent last weekend in there painting, and will probably be in for two more weekends of painting before we’re done.

Reception desk and insulated wall
Our reception area, showing the insulated wall of one of the float rooms. We have thick interior walls: heavy OSB panels, insulation and doubled thickness of drywall, all to minimize sound transmission.

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Construction progress 2

A piece of bad news to lead off with: after delays with inspections, some extra work from surprises in the walls, and scheduling problems over the holidays, our contractors our now saying they expect to be finished in early February.

The work so far is looking great, though.  Electrical and plumbing roughin inspections are both signed off, and we’ll be closing up the walls next week.

For several days after the electricians started, there were tangles of armored cable everywhere, like Doctor Octopus had just lost a fight.
For several days after the electricians started, there were tangles of armored cable everywhere, like Doctor Octopus had just lost a fight.


Float tank delivery
Our first two new float tanks arrived in the rain right before Christmas.

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Building permit

Start with the good news, and then the apology.  Our building permit has been issued!  For anyone who hasn’t done a major renovation, I should explain this is a big deal. Construction work of any kind is forbidden without a valid building permit.  Everything else was ready, but the building inspectors were taking their time.  We’ve been champing at the bit wanting to get started, and required to wait until the paperwork was in order.

Beginning construction at FLOAT
Beginning construction at FLOAT

It took me practically camping out at Somerville Inspectional Services last week trying to get a few lingering issues resolved (the inspectors have never seen float tanks before, and they were more than a little cautious/paranoid.  Also, did you know that shower pans must be at least 900 square inches to be up to code?  890 square inches is not big enough).   In the end I was literally running through the sleet Wednesday afternoon to get a cheque to them before they closed for the afternoon.  Issuing our permit may in fact have been the very last thing they did before leaving for Thanksgiving.

Now we have it!  And our builders have jumped right into interior demolition.  Clear out the old to make way for the new.

But I mentioned an apology up there.  It took three, maybe four weeks longer than we’d anticipated to work through the process to get this permit.   And that, sadly, means it will be almost impossible for us to be open before Christmas.   New Years’ is unlikely, too.  We’re really disappointed, and I know many of you are too.

We’re pounding this out as fast as we can now.  We’ve spent the fall making a lot of plans, and now we’ll see how the plan comes together.

Current status: construction

DANGER Hard Hat AreaWe have a space in Magoun Sq, Somerville, MA.  Our building permit has finally been issued, and we are now in construction.  Keep up-to-date on our progress – join our mailing list here.

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NOTE: crowdfunding campaign surveys were emailed to all backers on Saturday, November 15th. Please let us know if yours got lost! Write to us: info@floatboston.com.