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Media roundup

The media has been full of floating this month!  Some great articles.

“In the Tank”, The Nation:  “Some of sensory deprivation’s sublime attraction seems to lie in the way it fortifies the floater against the perceived harm of twenty-first-century culture.”

“Floating into Hoop Flow”,  Katelyn Selanders lost touch with her art, and got it back in the tank.  “As she continued to float, the feeling of Hoop Joy swept over her, that magic energy you feel when the hoop beats rhythmically across your core, when you shoot it off your body up into the sky like a shooting star, and when you break the hoop against the beat and don’t know or care what your next move is going to be. Without even being aware of it, she had floated back into her flow.”

“Why Yogis Should Try Isolation Tanks”, My Yoga Online: “Pratyahara [withdrawal of the senses] is considered by BKS Iyengar to be the ‘hinge’ or pivotal point in the yogic journey, because it is the step where we move from our behaviors and action in the outside world, to diving deep within in order to ‘gain knowledge of the self’.”

Silent Spectrum from Mel Be on Vimeo.

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Testing the tank: pump and filter

The tank we acquired included a powerful pump and a swimming pool-sized filter.  Or at least, it had the parts, but for weeks I had no way to confirm whether they actually worked.  It can be harmful to turn on a pump with no water in it, and in any case would prove nothing except that it made noise.

Testing the pump on the Float to Relax
Churning water: testing the pump on the Float to Relax

To test it, I had to get new PVC piping to replace the parts that had been hacksawed up when the last owner took the tank apart.  Home Depot doesn’t carry 1½-inch flexible PVC for plumbing this sort of thing, though — it seems to be kind of a specialty item for hot tubs and saltwater aquariums.

Last week mail-order finally arrived, and I could cut up and dry-fit everything in the driveway.  Here’s the tank with water in it and the pump running at last. The picture hardly does justice to how powerful the pump is — that water is churning hard.

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