Media roundup

The media has been full of floating this month!  Some great articles.

“In the Tank”, The Nation:  “Some of sensory deprivation’s sublime attraction seems to lie in the way it fortifies the floater against the perceived harm of twenty-first-century culture.”

“Floating into Hoop Flow”,  Katelyn Selanders lost touch with her art, and got it back in the tank.  “As she continued to float, the feeling of Hoop Joy swept over her, that magic energy you feel when the hoop beats rhythmically across your core, when you shoot it off your body up into the sky like a shooting star, and when you break the hoop against the beat and don’t know or care what your next move is going to be. Without even being aware of it, she had floated back into her flow.”

“Why Yogis Should Try Isolation Tanks”, My Yoga Online: “Pratyahara [withdrawal of the senses] is considered by BKS Iyengar to be the ‘hinge’ or pivotal point in the yogic journey, because it is the step where we move from our behaviors and action in the outside world, to diving deep within in order to ‘gain knowledge of the self’.”

Silent Spectrum from Mel Be on Vimeo.

Drifting Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank“, Seven Days, Burlington VT:  “After depriving my senses of external stimuli for one hour, I was now acutely attuned to them: the wind rustling in the leaves, the smell of freshly mown grass, the dusky glow of sunlight illuminating the clouds.”

“Seeking serenity? Flotation therapy offers an inexpensive way to achieve it,” Washington Post:  “I didn’t just feel relaxed, I felt like the giant baby at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.”

“Nothing Is Illuminated”, Charlotte Observer:  “I rinsed off in the shower, and emerged more physically relaxed than I can ever recall. All trace of chronic tension in my neck, shoulders, and upper back was gone. Yet I felt alert, refreshed, and energized. My mind was sharp and clear, full of ideas.”

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