Current status: crowdfunding

Pre-order your float time now and help us build FLOAT.  Coming to Magoun Sq, Somerville, Dec 2014.

We just launched our crowdfunding campaign at – go there and pre-order your float time!  You can lock in some great pre-order discounts for float time, but act soon as the special pricing ends November 10th.

Every dollar you can commit now will help make it possible for us to build the beautiful, comfortable center you want in your community, and in exchange we want to give you, our awesome pre-supporters, the best deal possible on your float time.

We have a space in Magoun Sq, Somerville, MA.  We have a complete architectural plan, bids from three contractors, and a pending application for a building permit.  Very soon we will begin construction.

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About colin

Cofounder, FLOAT. Colin has been an astronomer and a software developer. He's watched the sun set from Angkor Wat and rise over the Arctic Circle, and believes that life is much too important to take seriously.