Float Conference Highlights

If you regret missing the virtual Float Conference last month, specially priced Recap Tickets are now available. Beyond Dan Price and float research rock star Dr. Justin Feinstein, here’s a rundown of some sessions we think would be of particular interest to float enthusiasts.

Float Stories: Brian Kroll. A speaker in 2018, Brian shared his experiences with floating and the degenerative spine condition that leaves him in pain every day. “My life changed when I floated for the first time in 2017,” he says. “In the freedom from gravity, I experienced a few pain free moments for the first time in nearly four decades.” This year, Brian returned to the conference to tell us about his website, Love The Float, and his “Float A Day May” project. In May 2019, Brian floated 34 times in 31 days!

The Importance of Floating in the Time of Covid-19, with M.C. Flux. Flux has a talent for breaking down complicated concepts and making them accessible. In this talk he goes over the autonomic nervous system and how floating helps its regulation. While being careful to stress that it’s only speculation at this point, he points out that long-haul Covid looks a lot like dysautomnia, and wonders if floating might help those people struggling with issues long after “recovering” from a bout with the virus.

Transcendental Experiences supported by Sensory Suppression Chamber, with Pia Figueroa. Pia explores the importance of transcendental experiences to the human experience as a whole, and talks about using a float tank (aka Sensory Suppression Chamber) in spiritual practice. Her book with various authors, The Transcendental Experience, is now available in English from Virtual Ediciones.

Floating in Quiet Darkness, with Glenn and Lee Perry. The Perrys invented the first commercial float tank and started the first float center, in Beverly Hills. Their new book, Floating in Quiet Darkness, is coming out soon (we’ll be carrying it). Our work today is informed by their vision of what floating can accomplish, and insights into supporting people at a center.

Graham & Ashkahn Talk about the Future, with Graham Talley and Ashkahn Jahromi. No description of this talk could possibly do it justice. It’s probably best to leave you with this #NoContext screenshot.

This is just a surface-scratch of so much good information that came out of the weekend. If you’re looking for something to feed your head, maybe grab a Recap Ticket. You might also be interested in a new private facebook group for float enthusiasts: Why We Float.

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Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.