Path to Reopening Update #2

Three down, four to go!

Our UV sanitation lights are finally here. Exciting! I’m currently charging them all up for testing. We also built a prototype of the little boat they’ll ride around in during the filter cycle and tested that. All of the tanks themselves are actively ventilated, and the rooms each vent directly outside, which mitigates one of the big worries with indoor spaces and coronavirus. The UV lights are meant to kill anything left behind in the tank.

Portable UV lights!

Meanwhile, here’s a progress picture of the shower in Escape 1. The red is waterproofing material. When it’s finished, it’ll be covered up by white paneling. It’s so strange to see a red wall at Float! I believe the only bright red in the entire space are the waterproof light switches. It’s almost like a color-negative of the space. (Yes, some of us are old enough to have worked with actual film cameras!)

The shower in Escape 1 under repair

I’m checking off the third item: UV Sanitation Lights Have Arrived. Looking down the list, the repairs should be finished shortly, and then we can practice with the staff. Members, we might tap some of you to come in next week to help us practice. Think of it as an extra soft, marshmallow soft opening. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

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