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Thank you for buying a Make-A-Change package! Whether your intent is to program your own Float Intensive or just save some money on a great wellness practice, I’m pleased you’ve taken this step.

How often should I float? We field this question frequently, and of course every person is different: maybe a monthly refresh is perfect, or maybe you need a weekly float – or more – to feel your best. But how do you figure it out? One possibility is to float every week for a month, and then start widening the intervals: float every other week for a bit, then every three, then once a month. Somewhere in there, your body will tell you what’s right for you.

If you’d like to learn more about floating, our blog is a great starting place. You might find these posts interesting:

Interested in why and how floating works? Here’s everything in our blog tagged “science,” and we also love for their archive of float-related research.

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Finally, did you know that you can save and reuse our provided silicone earplugs multiple times? We also sell Elvex earplugs at FLOAT for $5. You may also bring your own, but avoid foam earplugs! They’re comfy, but you’ll be hanging out all float listening to the tick-tick-tick of water slowly infiltrating the foam.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We’re always interested in float journeys.

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