Path to Reopening Update 3

We’ve been hard at work getting Float ready to reopen to the public! Just as a refresher, this is the general checklist we’ve been working through.

  • Sanitation Supplies are easy to source (mostly!)
  • New equipment has arrived (done!)
  • UV sanitation lights have arrived (they did!)
  • Repairs are finished (not quite, more below.)
  • Staff have practiced new procedures (on it right now!)
  • Soft opening for members (in process!)
  • Grand Re-opening!

The awesome news is that we’ve published our Covid Safety Plan and we are getting practice on our new enhanced sanitation procedures. This is a process: we try things, see what’s working and what isn’t, rethink and revise. Some of our members and frequent fliers have come in to float during this time – thank you for being our guinea pigs! By the way: are you a member and want to come float? We gave everyone a call, but if you missed that, feel free to call or email us to get on our marshmallow soft schedule. The floats themselves will still be prime; we’re just working out our procedures in between.

We are fine-tuning our process, and will soon be back to our usual “well oiled machine” status, so I am checking off the Staff Practice item. [faint and distant yet massive cheering!]

On to repairs! We pulled apart and fixed and repainted and cleaned everything we could think of. We also upgraded our HVAC to add UV sanitation and got a full duct cleaning. (No Legionnaire’s Disease here, thank you very MUCH.) Check out these fancy purple lights! It’s like a laser show up in here. We love UV sanitation – it’s been a part of our tank sanitation setup since the beginning.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite check off the “Repairs” item, mainly because Room 4’s filter housing decided it was through with us and our nonsense. Guess what happens when a filter housing won’t close tightly anymore, and then you run salt water through it at 50 gallons per minute? Well, it’s… exciting. Fortunately, we have a spare in our storage, and soon Escape 4 will be ready to go. (A lot of people have a special love for that room, and we feel you.)

In summary: we’re getting closer, and some lucky folks are ALREADY FLOATING AGAIN! It could be you. It should be you. It will be you! If it isn’t already. You know what I mean.

Stay salty!

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Sara is a co-founder of Float, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003. The problems of two people may not amount to a hill of beans in this world, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.