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Construction progress 3

The shop is taking shape!  Our walls are up, the ceiling is going in, and the showers are getting fitted out.  We spent last weekend in there painting, and will probably be in for two more weekends of painting before we’re done.

Reception desk and insulated wall
Our reception area, showing the insulated wall of one of the float rooms. We have thick interior walls: heavy OSB panels, insulation and doubled thickness of drywall, all to minimize sound transmission.

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Stretch goal 2: re-combobulation space

Well, I thought the first stretch goal was at least going to get us to the weekend – it seems I was wrong.  This is so exciting, you guys!  We’re going to have the better soundproofing.  That’s great for everyone, a thing you hopefully won’t even notice is there.  And every time you don’t notice it, your float will continue undisturbed.

Moving along, our next stretch goal is for building out a comfortable post-float lounge.  Sometimes people come out of the tank feeling really trancy, and it’s good to have a peaceful space to have a bit of tea and re-gather your wits before heading back out into the world.  We’d love to give you a really nice space to do that in.

We can’t get away from the fact that our space is smaller than we wish it could be, but that’s the Somerville real estate market.  And so we’re going to have to move some plumbing, rebuild a couple walls, and construct some custom seating to maximize our space.  Then we’ll pile it with plush cushions and gentle lighting.

Stretch Goal 2: Re-combobulation space, $23,000

First target achieved!

Oh my god, you guys.  We had some secret hopes of how much we might be able to raise with the crowdfunding campaign, but we never guessed we’d clear $9,000 and hit our first target in the first day.  It has been so exciting sitting here and obsessively hitting Refresh on the results page.  That may not have been the best use of my time, but how could I not?

Thank you, each and every one of you.

Up until yesterday morning, this was a personal, sort of crazy quest for Sara and me. Even with bills to pay and a signed lease in hand, it didn’t quite feel real.  But not even ten minutes after we announced the campaign yesterday the first order came in, and suddenly we were working for you guys.  It’s awesome.

Fireworks from the Celebration of Light 2014
Photo credit: GoToVan (flickr)

And now, onward to stretch goals!  Our first, at $15,000, is for upgraded soundproofing in the float rooms.  Medford St is not the busiest street in Somerville, but it does see its share of ambulances and garbage trucks.  Soundproofing is like love – you can never have too much.

Have your friends bought their float time yet?  Help us spread the word!  float.tilt.com.