Construction progress 3

The shop is taking shape!  Our walls are up, the ceiling is going in, and the showers are getting fitted out.  We spent last weekend in there painting, and will probably be in for two more weekends of painting before we’re done.

Reception desk and insulated wall
Our reception area, showing the insulated wall of one of the float rooms. We have thick interior walls: heavy OSB panels, insulation and doubled thickness of drywall, all to minimize sound transmission.

Drywall going up
The reception area from a different angle, partially drywalled. The green board is water resistant gypsum.
Prepping the walls for painting
Just-plastered drywall is covered with an incredible amount of dust. We had to vacuum the walls and mop them twice before painting.
Shower fixture
Each float room gets its own private shower. Here’s the first one almost complete.
Starting to paint.
One of our helpers, Josh, starting to roll on paint in the hallway. Painting before the ceiling and floor are finished lets us avoid worrying about splatter.

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Cofounder, FLOAT. Colin has been an astronomer and a software developer. He's watched the sun set from Angkor Wat and rise over the Arctic Circle, and believes that life is much too important to take seriously.