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Where did float tanks come from?

History of Floating!
Gather ’round, kiddos!

Hopping into a soundproof, light-proof box filled with saltwater may be a popular relaxation therapy today, but those just discovering it are likely asking themselves: “who came up with this strange device, and when were float tanks developed?” In order to answer those questions, we first have to ask “why did they want to make them in the first place?”

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Float Conference Highlights

If you regret missing the virtual Float Conference last month, specially priced Recap Tickets are now available. Beyond Dan Price and float research rock star Dr. Justin Feinstein, here’s a rundown of some sessions we think would be of particular interest to float enthusiasts.

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Sara’s first float tank experience

Originally posted at SomervilleMassage.com
Kim opened the door to a small room dominated by a large white tank, not unlike a chest freezer or an extra-long washing machine. A large cargo strap was cinched around it – the Samadhi float tank is modular for easy transport, and therefore collapsible. Presumably. The idea of the tank collapsing while I was floating inside of it had thankfully not occurred to me before this moment.
The time after the tank was actually more interesting, perhaps because I wasn’t expecting it.
I had driven over an hour to West Boylston to take a ride in a float tank. They’ve also been known as sensory deprivation or isolation tanks, although “float tank” is the preferred term these days. That’s what I’d signed up to do for an hour: float, in warm shallow water saturated with Epsom salts. Relaxation and inner focus would be my reward.